Bed & Breakfast Lo Bré

insegna e entrata del Bed & Breakfast Lo Bré di Pontey AOSTA

Bed & Breakfast LO BRE'
Frazione Prelaz, 50 - 11024 Pontey (AO)
Tel: +39.0166.30158 - E-mail:


The "Lo Bré" B & B is situated in the village of Pontey. It is a warm and cosy refuge in winter and a welcoming, cool shelter in the heat of summer. It will be your 'cradle': in fact, the name "Lo Bré" is local dialect for 'the cradle'. You won't forget the peace and tranquillity that Pontey and the Aosta Valley evoke.

This is the fantastic world of the "Lo Bré" B & B, so come and discover it!
Come and visit the "Lo Bré" B & B.
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